noah photoshoot

Born April 8, 2015

Weight: 3.2 kg

Length: 49 cm

Nicknames: Mr. Winky, Pterodactyl, Squeaker


In about an hour, we’ll be heading to the hospital!

What a beautiful day it is to be born: clear, blue skies, low pollution, and supernatural peace here in our home. God is so good. His PEACE is tangible.

Dear little Noah,

Here is the story of daddy and mommy’s first date (in case we are too old and can’t remember the details when/if you ask).

We met in New York City on the first weekend of November 2012 during Hurricane Sandy. The whole city was shutting down but we decided to keep our rendezvous. Because of a traffic jam in the subway, daddy was 45 minutes late in meeting mommy at the bus station!

We had our first lunch date at Famous Dave’s BBQ where daddy gave mommy her first present: a Hello Kitty pillow!

Then we went to Starbucks so mommy could work on her Master’s thesis (the impact of Christian health organizations on HIV/AIDS patients in sub-Saharan Africa) while daddy secretly bought Broadway tickets to The Lion King!

Before the show, we got dinner at a local NY pizza shop where daddy taught mommy geography of the lower east coast with leftover pieces and toppings of pizza.

After the Lion King, we had our first late night date getting frozen yogurt at a local deli. Daddy walked mommy to her friend, Jungeun’s, apartment up by Columbia and said goodnight.

The next morning, we met at Starbucks where mommy got to Skype with Mary komo for the first time. Soon afterwards, we went to a diner for waffles before walking mommy to Grand Central station to head back to Boston.

Next, we’ll tell you about mommy’s trip to Virginia to see daddy get ordained!



My sister just kakao-talked me. It’s 3:13 pm and I think we’re 12 hours ahead. Staying up late until the wee hours of the night reminds me of when I first met Peter… I was working on finishing a draft of my graduate thesis. I hadn’t slept a single minute before boarding the bus to NYC but was planning to sleep on the bus. Wrong! From the time the bus left to when it entered the station, I was working. Surprisingly no car sickness 🙂 Up until now I’ve thought I was a diligent and hard worker, but now that I think about it, I realize my nerves about meeting Peter for the first time may have manifested in single-minded focus on writing my thesis. Eh. In the grand scheme of things, they could have manifested in much worse things. Plus, that’s probably the reason I got an A. So Sarah, if you’re reading this…you know what to do. Teeheehee 🙂 Just kidding.  

Praise the Lord, this transition to China has been easy, mainly because of the church community here. I’ve plugged myself into a wonderful Bible Study Fellowship group and, with Peter, an amazing Holy Spirit-led family group, and all things youth ministry.  At the same time, I’ve found the easiest way to make life joyful here is to disengage and forget about life (friends and family) back home. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but last night I realized I hadn’t checked my email or talked to my family in the past week.  So, to keep this short post short, I hope I will be better at being in touch with you. I’ve realized that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is NOT a good transitioning strategy… 

While I have your attention, please keep in your prayers the safety and protection of a sister from the States serving here underground.  

Peter’s latest sermon at AGIF

R12 series #2: Giving God what He wants the most

This weekend is the youth ministry’s annual retreat! 

Prayers for the youth in the following areas are much appreciated:

1. Personal encounters with the living and active God

2. 180 degree turn to Jesus

3. Rejection of worldly temptations and ownership of the abundant life full of grace and love God offers them all

Thank you!!!

Last night, our church threw us a wonderfully fun wedding shower for Peter and I! It was the first progressional dinner party I’ve ever been to—first was a delicious pot luck dinner at one family’s house. So many countries were represented at this feast: Papa John’s pizza, bulgogi, jap chae, Thai fried rice, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, homemade chicken wings, lotus root salad, Indian rice, and more! This was followed by desserts, Chinese traditional outfits, cake cutting and blessing at another family’s house a few houses down! After three different types of wedding ceremonies, there’s no denying that we are indeed married^^! 

While Peter was away on a staff retreat, a friendly, pinky-sized cockroach let himself in to keep me company. I don’t mind bugs. I’ll take a spider, cockroach, bee, etc. any day over a rodent. Simply because rodents require more than just a smack or wham to kill them. Anyway, back to my narrative. I saw the roach, picked up a book and dropped it onto the bug thinking it’d be a quick and easy kill. NOPE. Bugs and suitcases these days seem to be going for the same trend–hard case shells! My book literally bounced off the back of the cockroach and he scurried away under the patio door unharmed… I’m sensing a new Marvel comic turned movie. Iron Roach? Or maybe she was female..Wonder Roach? 

Since coming to China, we’ve had so many different cuisines to choose from. Believe it or not there’s everything from Thai, Brazilian BBQ, Korean BBQ, Vietnamese, local Chinese, American burgers, NY-style pizza, organic salad, Tex-Mex…and the list goes on! If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re in an area heavily populated by all kinds of foreigners! 

Today we got lunch at an inexpensive, westernized Chinese restaurant. Two orders of soup dumplings, one pan fried noodle dish and one spicy peanut chicken dish. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a picky eater. (Correction: super duper picky). Though it’s been obnoxious to my parents and fellow diners, today my keen eye for spotting things I don’t like in my food (i.e. cilantro, fatty tissue, tomatoes) came in handy! Mixed in with our pan fried noodles was a well-marinated fly! Long story short, I haven’t felt the need to cook much here since there are so many options to choose from; however, after today’s lunch I have decided it is time to break in the kitchen! After lunch I headed over to the grocery store and purchased groceries enough for the next two days. I’ll keep you posted on how things go!